Georgia Dem Leader Responds to GOP "Welcome" of Nunn

Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Georgia Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, has said she'll run for the state's open Senate seat in 2014. Upon hearing the news, the Georgia Republican Party issued a welcome letter to Nunn [full text below].

The letter says the state GOP looks forward to “creating a stark contrast between [Nunn] and her far left-wing beliefs and those of [her] Republican opponent.”

Georgia Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams responded to that description of Nunn, who has pledged a centrist position.

“I find it very telling that the Republican Party believes that reducing our deficit is far left-wing thinking, that engaging citizens in service is radical, and that it’s entirely too liberal to be focusing on how we ensure our children’s future,” Abrams said. 

The letter goes on to say Republicans will make Nunn’s Senate campaign their priority and will “work to remind Georgia voters how out-of touch she and the Democratic Party are with their values and convictions.” Abrams dismissed that characterization.

“The Republican response is not an actual response to what she has said and what she’s done," Abrams said. "It’s against this mythical, and I would say, arguably, very strange creature who doesn’t think we should balance our budget, engage our citizens, and do right for our state.”

Nunn will face physician Branko Radulovacki and ROTC Director Todd Robinson in the Democratic primary. The
winner of that primary will face the winner of the Republican race, which includes former Secretary of State Karen Handel and Congressmen Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, and Jack Kingston.

The full text of the GOP "Welcome" letter to Michelle Nunn:

Mrs. Nunn,
Welcome to the race! We appreciate your willingness to offer yourself up for public service and look forward to creating a stark contrast between your far left-wing beliefs and those of your Republican opponent.

Even though the General Election is more than a year away, you can rest assure that the Georgia Republican Party will make your campaign for the United States Senate our priority, and we will work daily to remind Georgia voters how out-of-touch you and the Democratic Party are with their values and convictions.

We wish you safe travels as you venture outside of Atlanta on your tour of the state. Don’t forget your map!

Sincerely, Georgia Republican Party

PS: Thanks to your friend President Obama, a tank of gas costs an “arm and a leg” these days (which is NOT covered by ObamaCare) so don’t forget to cash those fat checks from your liberal buddies in Washington before you hit the road!

Shame on you, Steve Fincher, for personally taking farm subsidies while cutting food stamps

Congressman Stephen Fincher (R-TN) wants to cut, food stamps a lot. He quotes the Bible from the House floor saying the poor deserve to starve, and said the government should not steal “other people’s money.”

Fincher should know a thing or two about that. As a wealthy Tennessee farmer, he personally collected $3.5 million federal farm subsidies over the past decade. And the same Farm Bill he voted for that cuts food stamps by $21 BILLION over the next decade expands crop insurance subsidies by $9 billion over the same time period.

Given that so many are working for fewer hours or lower wages, now is not the time to be cutting such essential food stamps benefits, especially if the government can still afford to give farmers like Congressman Fincher generous subsidies.

Solar Utilities

Big things are happening with solar in our state! Please read a few important news articles below about the momentum solar is gaining in Georgia.

First, Politico details scrutiny that Southern Company and Georgia Power are receiving due to their refusal to add any solar energy resources to our state's 20 year energy plan.

The Tea Party Patriots and other conservatives are opposing the monopoly and promoting the implementation of a freer electricity market in Georgia while deploying solar in a conservative way without state or ratepayer subsidies.

Also, Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Georgia

Public Service Commissioners Lauren "Bubba" McDonald, Doug Everett and Tim Echols stand in favor of deploying further solar energy resources in the Peach State. The article further details Rep. Rusty Kidd's efforts to increase the amount of solar energy in our state with HB 657.

Robert E. Green
CEO, Georgia Solar Utilities, Inc.

Kasim Reed rules out a 2016 run for U.S. Senator

Another Democratic shoe just dropped.

On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. John Barrow announced that he would pass on a 2014 race for U.S. Senate.

This morning, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed did likewise – ruling himself out as a candidate in the 2016 Senate contest. Reed was on the WGAU (1340AM) morning talk show hosted by Martha Zoller and Tim Bryant. Reed started off slowly, pushing back on a letter to President Barack Obama, written by U.S. Sens. Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson, and U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah, which criticized the White House for failing to include several hundred million dollars in federal funding for the dredging of the Port of Savannah in this year’s budget.

Reed, who has acted as a go-between for Georgia and the Democratic administration, said he’s confident the port money will come. But more important this year, he said, is language that would add the price of inflation to a 1990s estimate of the dredging cost. Said the mayor:

“If we don’t have a language change in the legislation around our port, then we will be receiving money on a 1999 basis. Rather than the $650 million appropriation, the appropriation would be in the $400s. That would be inadequate. I think the disappointment is a little misguided until we get the change in the …language.”

Ultimately, Zoller shifted the conversation to Reed’s future. The mayor declared himself uninterested in a 2016 challenge to Isakson. Said Reed:

“I’m not interested in running for the United States Senate. I’m not interested in joining the President’s administration. I’ve conveyed that repeatedly. I would like to serve two full terms as mayor of the city of Atlanta. Those are really my only political plans. I’m being completely honest with you.

“So you won’t see any shift, or any run for any other office from me. I plan to serve two

full terms as mayor of the city of Atlanta. Those are really my only political plans. I’m being completely honest with you.

“So you won’t see any shift, or any run for any other office from me. I plan to serve two full terms….I want to complete my work. I think that if I left the job of mayor, many of the things that I’ve given my time and attention to would unravel. And that concerns me.”

Which means we can rest easy – until the 2018 race for governor.