Lee county young dems

Lee County Executive Democratic Party & Young Dems
Lady Trish Hawkins-Battten, Chairlady

 2020 Presidential Candidates

Joe Biden, Sen. Cory Booker, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Sen. Kamala Harris and Julian Castro

why it's important to vote


The United States is a democracy meant to function through the will of the people. This will is made evident through voting. People including the President, members of Congress, mayors and city council officials make a lot of decisions within the areas they oversee -- but those elected officials can come or go depending on who the public favors. Voters also make decisions on items of importance, including allocating funding for schools, highways or health care. In essence, when you vote, you are taking part in a collective decision-making process.